Enjoy the session!

This sessions starts at

11:00 am

EST on

Thursday, July 22, 2021



Bloom Community Guidelines

Take space, make space
Allow for everyone’s voices to be heard. If you speak a lot, make space. If you don’t speak up often, challenge yourself to take space. Everyone’s opinions are valuable.

Suspend your judgements
Everyone comes to this space with different lived experiences and opinions. Suspend your judgements of others, as well as yourself.

Practice active listening
Listen to each other to understand, rather than solve (unless they are asking for solutions).

Be kind and generous
We build community through kindness and generosity. Treat others with kindness. Be generous with your wisdom and insights. If you have criticism, offer it constructively. Don't be mean :)

No promotion
Bloom is a membership-based community, which means you’ll never find ads on our platform. Please help us preserve the sanctity and safety of our space by not sharing promotional links.

Zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment
Bloom is built to be a welcoming space for everyone. If you witness or experience this, please raise it with a Bloom team member immediately.